Coin Thief

You're here for the coins, not that trash compactor of a security system. Better run though, because every coin you grab speeds that system up.

See how many coins you can collect and how fast you can escape!
Challenge yourself to see how few coins you can collect!


A / D                                   - Left / Right
S (hold)                              - Crouch
Spacebar                          - Jump
Spacebar (hold)            - Higher Jump
S (hold) + Spacebar    - Drop through green platform

Controller (exe only) (recommended)
Left stick                                            - Left / Right / Crouch (hold down)
A button                                            - Jump
A button (hold)                              - Higher Jump
Left stick down (hold) + A        - Drop through green platform

Developed using Rewired, ProGrids, and Probuilder.


CoinThief 17 MB

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